Daniel has been working here in Terry Deans guitars for a number of years and can take care of any of your guitar repair needs from set ups to pickup installs, fret dressing and replacing and anything and everything stringed instruments.

Daniel Hoban is an independent Guitar Maker based in Northcote, Melbourne; he individually crafts steel and nylon string guitars and mandolin family instruments; mandolin, octave, mandola and mandocello, using traditional and contemporary styles.
Daniel is a skilled repairer and has expertly restored many vintage, antique and contemporary instruments.

Daniel studied guitar making in Manchester, UK, completing a diploma in musical instrument technology in 2008, after which he returned to Melbourne to establish his own workshop in 2009.

Daniel is a Certified Maton Guitars and Martin Guitars Repairer.

Also we have James Mumford, propietor of Mumford Guitars has over seventeen years' professional experience in providing repairs to electric and acoustic guitars, electric and acoustic basses, mandolins and banjos and tube amplifiers

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